Heaven's Hidden Homestead
Contact: Zachary Coleman
Address: 628 Riner Rd Lindside, WV, 24951
Email Address:
Phone: 304-667-9919
About Us
Heaven's Hidden Homestead is a 99 acre homestead farm, located in the tiny community of Wikel, West Virginia. As you may have guessed, our homestead was founded on love and gratitude for our Savior, Jesus! With God's guidance, we hope to become more self-sufficient through Nubian dairy goat's, multi-purpose Dexter cattle, hogs, poultry, honey bees, small fruit orchard, non-certified organic gardening, and of course, food preservation. It is our prayer, that God will always supply us with enough to share.
Heaven's Hidden Homestead is a non-certified organic homestead farm. We do not use chemicals in our gardens or orchard.
Our dairy animals are given a daily GMO-free grain ration and are only given medications when absolutely necessary. Dairy/Milk sanitation is of absolute priority. And of course, we are Greenbrier Valley Grown!