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Gritt's Farm
Contact: Bradley Gritt
Address: 356 Gritt Rd. Buffalo, WV, 25003
Phone: 304-553-2951
About Us
Gritt's Farm is a family owned farm, with the 3rd and 4th generation now on the farm. What began as a small farm in 1928, farming enough to support a family of eight children by a Italian family who came to this country starting out as coal miners, has now grown into a large farming operation which now has 3 busy seasons. For many years Gritt's farm was a poultry farm, raising chicken for eggs and selling eggs door to door for years. During that time vegetables were also raised to sell along with the eggs. Grain was also raised to provide feed for the chickens and hogs were also added to the farm. In the late 70's to early 80's as the chickens and hogs were phased out, greenhouses began being built and a new aspect of the farm had begun.
Hydroponic tomatoes were raised, as well as vegetable plants and flowers for farm use as well as consumers. The retail business has now grown into a large spring season with vegetable plants as well as flowering plants and trees and shrubs. Pumpkins were added to the mix, and the Pick your own Pumpkin Patch was born. As the fall season grew, a play area for children was added along with a corn maze. This year begins our second year of corn maze with the addition of a 10 acre maze along with our 4 acre maze. We hope we can become part of your annual fall tradition.
The diversity of our business model, from our multitude of crops, companion products, marketing strategies, and support of other local farms has helped us weather many storms and the volatility of agricultural income. Pick Your Own, Agritourism, and our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) all are strengths that make us unique and lively. Our relationships with growers and suppliers are truly local, most within a 50-mile radius.