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Snork's Kitchen
Address: PO Box 307 Hico, WV, 25854
Phone: 304-573-6051
About Us
Snork's Kitchen is a subsidiary of Owl Mountain Farm. My grandmother Ruth, for whom the business is named, learned to forage from her grandmother, an Irish immigrant who fed her family with what she was able to find in the West Virginia hills. I've learned many things from my grandmother and among them were foraging, canning and baking. We make everything on site and from scratch. We offer a variety of bread and sweets made with the simplest ingredients. We also offer a few old fashioned candies, but our focus has always been on preserves. My grandmother and I cherish our time making preserves and we hope you will cherish our creations.
The land has so many delectable treats to offer if you just know where to look! Using wild harvested, organic ingredients has always been our focus when it coms to breads and preserves. If something isn't available in the woods, we do our best to grow it organically on the farm and if we absolutely can't grow enough, we source locally. Preservation is important to us. We want to preserve recipes, baking traditions and canning practices.