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Moonstruck Maple
Contact: A. & M. Segars and N & R Morey
Address: 787 Mill Rd hinton, WV, 25951
Phone: 703-624-5757
About Us
Nestled on top of the mountains of New River Gorge; Moonstruck Maple creates the highest quality gourmet maple infusions and award winning pure maple syrup. This is a family collaboration of running sweet maple water through untamable woods in the steep Appalachian’s of southern West Virginia; of late, work-filled nights in winter-tinged spring, feeding the flames to cook the syrup; and of summertime visits to the local markets putting smiles on faces when they first taste our purely wild product.

There is nothing we like more than providing the community with delicious, high quality, local and sustainable products.

Please keep up with our adventures on Facebook and instagram for new releases, festivals, open houses and special promotions.
Moonstruck Maple prides itself on being a forest farm that instead of molding the land to our purpose, we work with the wildness of the forest, leaving it as undisturbed as possible.

The group that is Moonstruck Maple is comprised of first responders, active and retired military and multiple family units, passing on sustainable forestry practices to their children.

The collection and boiling of pure Maple Syrup is undiluted at Moonstruck Maple with no other ingredients other then maple sap. Once the syrup is finished some is aged in bourbon barrels, some is infused with organic whole plant-based ingredients such as coffee, vanilla beans, or cinnamon but at no time is any flavoring extract added. All of Moonstruck Maple's products are made with three pure, all-natural ingredients or less; WV Maple syrup and one or two dry organic ingredients.