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Greenville Farm Kitchen
Contact: Part of Sprouting Farms Corp, a Nonprofit Organization based in Talcott, WV
Address: 230 Greenville High School Rd Greenville, WV, 24945
Phone: 304-832-6589
About Us
The Greenville Farm Kitchen is a small but growing nonprofit FDA-certified processing kitchen in Monroe County, WV. We operate under Sprouting Farms Corp, a four-season non-profit farm and educational resource center. Our processors are trained in their craft, proud of their work, and personally motivated to ensure our products are of the highest possible quality. We’re proud to be part of a local food value chain that brings fresh, in-season fruits and vegetables from family and community farms to West Virginia customers.

We’re a small operation and do all our processing by hand. As an FDA certified kitchen, we're in compliance with WV Department of Agriculture food processing and distribution standards.