JarHead Farms
Contact: Stan Loder and G Natasha Zoe
Address: 635 Valley View Farm Rd Pence Springs, WV, 24962
Phone: 304-445-5464
About Us
JarHead Farm, the name is a play on words, a Jarhead (Marine) jarring (home canning) homemade jams and jellies in (Mason) jars.
100% Veteran labor. 100% Veteran owned.

JarHead Farms is a father-daughter team.
Stan served as an ASA (Army Security Agency) Specialist-6 during the Vietnam era maintaining listening post equipment. Natasha is a retired Marine Corps combat correspondent. Together they now grow sustainable, healthy, American food, specializing in native and heirloom varieties, co-planting, and permaculture.

Stan and Natasha began their family farming on a small homestead in Mineral County WVa in the seventies. Natasha spent high school summers working with her great grandma on the family's vegetable farm - Knickerbocker Farm in Michigan. After military retirement followed by a career in plumbing and welding, Natasha returned to West Virginia.

JarHead Farms is an incubator enterprise at Sprouting Farms. We arrived there armed with ambition and drive, and very little farm management skills, we would have reinvented every wheel without the help and education from Sprouting Farms! From equipment to production planning, from pest identification to soil remediation, and so many details in between, Sprouting Farms has been essential in our success! We had no idea how much we did not know about farming. The team at Sprouting Farms has been there at our side every step of the way, teaching and leading by example.

We believe in being good stewards of the land and in providing the best food possible. To that end we use companion planting and crop rotation to deter pests and improve the soil. We add composted weeds and garden food scraps back into the soil. We also use heirloom and native varieties of seeds. We are beginning a fruit grove of elderberry, pawpaw, mulberry, choke cherry, crab apple, and other "oldies but goodies."

As a cottage food producer, we source the best quality ingredients possible, such as organic, unbleached cane sugars. If we can't pronounce the ingredients or they sound like they belong in a chemist's lab, we don't want them in our kitchen, much less our food.