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Refresh Appalachia
Address: P.O. Box 1133 Wayne, WV, 25570
Phone: 304-501-4755
About Us
Refresh Appalachia was founded in 2015 as an agriculture-focused enterprise of Coalfield Development Corporation. Like all the social enterprises of Coalfield, we aim to operate like a business but also to provide services in ways and places that aren’t being being served by the private sector. We work to build our own thriving food and farm businesses, but also to strengthen other farmers throughout the region. We provide training, market access, and distribution services for farmers. We strive to make healthy food more accessible in our communities by creating new market outlets that serve low- and middle-income people.

We measure our success by the “triple bottom line”: people, planet and profit. And because we are a nonprofit, all our earnings cycle back into supporting our crew members and serving our communities. Our crews, our farms and our food hub all play an integral role in advancing our “triple bottom line” objectives.
West Edge Factory (Wayne County)
Our West Edge urban farm is a year-round diversified vegetable farm located at the West Edge Factory in the Westmoreland neighborhood of Huntington. Our facilities include two repurposed high tunnels, an indoor microgreens room, and multiple cold storage rooms and a loading dock for our food hub. We often hold public workshops at this location on topics ranging from high tunnel production to wholesale grading to microgreens production.

Williamson (Mingo County)
In partnership with the Williamson Health and Wellness Center, we are developing a large hydroponic greenhouse on the roof of the former Legion building in downtown Williamson. This greenhouse will produce a variety of leafy green products that will supply the local food market in Williamson in addition to our regional food hub.

Fort Gay Agriculture Facility (Wayne County)
Currently in development, the Fort Gay Agriculture Facility will be operated by the Wayne County Farmers Cooperative, Refresh Appalachia, and potentially Wayne County Schools students. Our partnership is currently developing multiple high tunnels on the property of the old Fort Gay elementary school. Area farmers will be able to drop off their produce, have it processed and stored as necessary. The facility will operate as a pick up point for Refresh Appalachia, ACCESS WV and other entities to deliver products to appropriate markets with a warehouse space and a loading dock.

Mobile Poultry Processing Program (Southern West Virginia)
In partnership with the West Virginia Farmer’s Market Association, we offer poultry processing services for regional producers. For a small fee, we provide a fully-outfitted mobile processing trailer, expertise, and staff to assist regional producers in processing their poultry.