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Rainbow Farm
Contact: Lauren Brenner
Address: PO Box 60 Sandstone, wv, , 25985
Phone: 304-445-5126
About Us
Rainbow Farm is a very diversified, family-owned farm tucked away in Sandstone, West Virginia. We offer sustainably-raised pastured chickens, eggs, goats, and fruits and vegetables, in addition to gluten-free baked good.

Pasture raised poultry is the largest enterprise on the farm. We raise Cornish Rock cross chickens seasonally from May till mid November. Chickens are raised from day old and are processed on the farm. Starting at two weeks of age, chickens are moved onto pasture and housed in moveable pens that provide full access to pasture while protecting the chickens from predators. Every morning each pen is moved to allow for access to fresh forage. The chickens receive a grain ration consisting of corn, soy, oats, fish meal, limestone, Fertrell Nutribalancer, and kelp. The chickens never receive any medications/antibiotics or growth stimulants/hormones. Processing occurs on the farm to minimize stress due to transportation. In addition to a wide variety of frozen chicken product, fresh chicken can be purchased on the farm for a discounted price. Check out our website for the next scheduled processing.

Our laying hens are Golden Comets. They are housed is a mobile coop and are allowed to free range in our pastures. We use poultry netting around the coop to protect them from predators and we move the coop weekly to a new area.

Eggs and Chicken - Pasture Raised
Vegetables - non certified organic