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Crago Country Farm
Contact: Allen & Kelly Crago
Address: 885 Scott Ridge Road Liberty, , 25124
Phone: 304-586-4335
About Us
Allen Crago's ancestors have owned this property since the 1850s- before West Virginia was its own state! It hadn't been farmed in decades, but we (Allen and Kelly) were determined to agriculturally re-form the land. It's a constant work in progress, as farming tends to be, but we're making headway. Our original (and still foremost) goal was to provide for our family and live as sustainably as possible. In recent years, we've been able to expand in order to serve our local community with small-farm pork, chicken, eggs, produce, baked goods, and canned items. We're hoping to continue our growth this year, namely with a wider variety of meat. We sell from our home by appointment, at the Putnam Farmers Market, and most recently here on Turnrow.
We use a mix of organic and traditional practices on our farm.

We feed our hogs a locally ground feed; our grazing animals are on rotated pasture during the green season and hay harvested from the farm in the winter with grain portions throughout the year; and our poultry is fed a protein-rich mixture of bagged feeds. We breed our own chickens and ducks, but we also order from a hatchery to routinely refresh our stock. All of our animals have outside pastures or runs except our hogs, which we hope to add in the next year or two.

Our produce and plants are raised from seeds and without any harmful chemicals. We use organic dust and labor to hold insects at bay. We pick the evening before and sometimes even the day of to ensure the freshest produce is brought to you.