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Eagles Landing Farm, LLC
Contact: Bill & Sheri Visted
Address: 154 GARNER RD FRANKFORD, WV, 24938
Phone: 760-845-6725
About Us
About Us:
Eagles Landing Farm is a newly established veteran owned, small family farm focused on producing natural and healthy food while treating the land and livestock with respect. Located just a few miles north of Lewisburg in the scenic Greenbrier Valley, we pasture and forest raise heritage breed pork and pasture raised poultry for meat and eggs. Our vegetable offerings are an outgrowth of our large family garden; both surplus and plantings specifically for the market. We eat the same food we sell - while striving to produce healthy, contented animals; fertile, sustainable land; and healthy, nourishing food using holistic family-friendly farming methods. Our goal is to always be good stewards of the land and the animals under our care.
Our pigs are rotationally grazed in pastures and woodlots and are raised and produced without hormones, antibiotics, or chemicals. All our pork products are processed locally and are USDA inspected and antibiotic free. Our pasture raised pigs are raised rooting happily within our oak tree forest and grass pastures; they are supplemented with fresh, farm milled feed that is GMO-FREE and SOY-FREE, and without any medicated additives or hormones and antibiotics. Our chickens are housed in movable shelters with access to fresh pasture every day. During the winter cold months, our hens move into the garden with access to a garden shelter for protection from the snow and freezing rains; and, thanks to the wonders of portable electrical fencing, they continue to graze pasture grasses as available. Our vegetable garden is managed naturally using organic practices and inputs as well as mulch.