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Wayne County Co-op
Contact: Robin L Spaulding
Address: 7336 Twelvepole Creek Rd. Dunlow, WV, 25511
Phone: 304-385-4919
About Us
The Wayne County Farmers Cooperative was founded in 2016, and has enabled local farmers to sell their produce more efficiently. We are the largest co-op in the state of West Virginia, and we pride ourselves on providing top quality produce and log grown shiitake mushrooms to our patrons.
This past spring we were blessed to lease a local farm in Dunlow, WV and begin the process of producing even more vegetables and fruits to supplement what our farmers are producing. Legacy Farms is currently in the process of obtaining GAP certification and while we are still in the infancy stage of production, we have seen some really good quality produce harvested already!
Our goal is to see local folks be able to access healthy, nutritious, locally grown foods from sources close to them. Bringing fresh foods to the tables of our fellow West Virginians is top priority for us, because we know that when good food is available, good health is a definite possibility! Agriculture has moved up in the Mountain State in the last few years and we would love to see more people get involved. Self-sustainability and self-reliance used to be a way of life in our area, but in the past few decades it has declined as people became more dependent on store bought goods. With so much concern over food borne illnesses and recalls, it only makes good sense to get your food from area farmers who grow food the way nature intended it to be...healthy, delicious, and FRESH!
If you reside in Wayne County and would like to become a member or learn more about the Co-op, feel free to shoot an email to:

See ya at the farm!
We are currently in the process of obtaining GAP certification for our Legacy Farms operation. We never use herbicides or pesticides and make it a practice to use organic fertilize and natural amendments to our soil to produce only the highest quality goods! Stop by to visit and see for yourself why locally grown is by far the best option for your family!