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Rainbow's End Farm
Contact: Sharon and Tim Sluss
Address: 688 Frazier's Run Union, WV, 24983
Phone: 304-520-2280
About Us
Rainbow's End Farm is a diversified small farm. We raise heritage breed Red Wattle Hog Pork on pasture and mountainside where they can forage a good part of their diet. Our pigs are born and raised on our farm and are well known for producing flavorful pork considered some of the best in the world. Let them out to forage their diet on nuts and fresh grasses, and you have some truly amazing pork. We sell all cuts including the usual as well as a variety of sausage flavors and will also sell half and whole shares of pork. Our pork products contain no nitrates or MSG and all of our animal's feed is antibiotic and hormone free.

We raise pastured poultry for meat and hens loose foraging for eggs. The broilers we raise are Freedom Rangers..a European broiler noted for the excellent flavor and texture as well as their ability to truly forage and not just sit and eat at the feeder. Our hens produce excellent eggs as they are free to roam and supplement their diet with whatever they find or catch.
Our philosophy is to try to farm in a sustainable way by working in harmony with the land and nature. We want to honor the true nature of our animals and not confine them to small lots but let them live as close to natural as can be managed and use humane farming practices. Our animals do currently receive some conventional feeds but we hope to decrease out dependence on them as we build infrastructure and open up more land as pasture.

We are new to the Union area having moved our operation here this summer from southeastern VA. It will take time to get the infrastructure in place but we hope one day to return this old farm back to it's earlier state with productive lush open pastures and mature hardwood and nut bearing forest.