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Bigfoot Mountain
Contact: R. Crispin
Address: 137 Fullen Road Facebook: Bigfoot Mountain WV Union, WV, 24983
About Us
We’re a small veteran owned farm in Monroe County, WV. We have a small but well established apiary, an orchard that should be producing within a few years, and a small flock of chickens of many varieties that give us a steady supply of rainbow eggs. We’re close enough to the old Salt Sulphur hotel that our well water sometimes smells of sulphur - which we consider a bonus since people used to come by horse-drawn coach to take advantage of its restorative qualities.
We use no hormones or antibiotics on our animals, and no chemicals in our pastures or our garden. Our chickens eat all natural feed when they have to, but prefer to spend their daylight hours roaming the woods and fields. Their diet is supplemented with insects in the summer, and with all manner of vegetable scraps from our kitchen garden. We know that naturally grown food doesn’t look like the perfect produce found in a grocery store, and we embrace that. The deep, rich seasonal flavors make up for it, and there is natural beauty in “real” food.