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Cozy Hollow Farm
Contact: Loretta Brolsma
Address: 884 Hunter Springs Road Greenville, WV, 24945
Phone: 304-832-6581
About Us
Located in Monroe County West Virginia,Cozy Hollow is a small homestead farm of 25 acres.
We specialize in raising Alpine Dairy Goats. We sell the Goats to Dairies and Show herds as well as a family milker. I make moisturizing Goat milk Soap.
We sell fresh eggs from our pasture range Chickens, also fresh produce, herbs & fruit from our garden.
We also sell baskets which I weave and Wool ornaments: Angles, Sheep, Lambs and Snowmen.
For my family I Spin, Weave, and make cheeses.
We use non-certified organic practices. No Insecticides. Compost mixed into the soil, etc. The chickens are never put up. Some nest in the trees. I feed them cracked corn, whole wheat,oyster shell, goat milk, Flax seed, plants and they eat whatever bugs they can catch.
We have limestone well water.