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LeJa Produce, LLC
Contact: Gene & Janis Bennett
Address: 359 Teays Lane Hurricane, WV, 25526
Phone: 304-561-5713
About Us
LeJa Produce is a small micro-farm located in Hurricane, West Virginia. The land has been in the family since the early 1900's. The original farm was almost 250 acres, most of the acreage was either sold or bartered off over the years. Today the farm is a micro-farm of almost three acres. Land that once grew tobacco and corn is now home to blackberries, blueberries, raised beds and high tunnels. Grandfather Handley grew all the summer veggies with much being canned for the winter by Grandmother Handley. Gene, as a child, would accompany his grandfather to sell produce door to door in St. Albans, Hurricane and surrounding areas. Today Gene works the land with his wife, Janis, children and grand children.
Gene also maintains an active apiary. The honey is a popular item at the farmer's market.
LeJa Produce sells produce direct, to local restaurants, at farmer's markets and CSA's.
LeJa Produce practices organic farming methods. The use of natural compost is widely used. No chemical pesticides are applied. Pest control is achieved by the natural use of beneficial insects, planting of beneficial flora and funa, and sprays containing essential oils.
We also use several hydroponic growing methods for a variety of produce (i.e. lettuce, asian greens, strawberries).