New Roots Community Farm
City: Fayetteville, WV,
About Us
This project offers access to locally grown food, an opportunity for businesses to begin or expand farming operations, vocational training for farmers, community garden space, and a local food distribution site. Whether you are a farmer, aspiring farmer, consumer, resident, visitor, young or old – the New Roots Community Farm has something to offer you.
This farm is rooted in local tradition, heritage, and history. For generations, the property has been used for agricultural endeavors and we aim to continue this tradition. In 2016, the Whitlock Farm was purchased by the Fayette County Farmland Protection Board. In 2019 work began at the farm to preserve the land for agricultural use and create opportunities to advance the food and farm economy in Fayette County. We changed the name to New Roots Community Farm and re-branded the project to reflect our values.
2020 will be our first full season of vegetable production at New Roots Community Farm. We work to manage the entire agroecosytem at the farm this means we work to minimize negative impacts to soil physical, microbial, and chemical properties. We do this by practicing reduced tillage techniques, adding organic matter such as compost and ensuring we apply any fertilizers at the appropriate rate and time. We also practice integrated pest management techniques which focuses on cultural, biological, and sometimes chemical management strategies. This includes crop rotations, creating physical barriers between pests and crops, releasing beneficial insects, and application of organically approved pesticides. We adhere to organic production standards, but are not certified.