Kelly's Persian Food
Contact: Kereshmeh Kashefian
Address: 221 Montview Dr. Lewisburg, WV, 24901
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About Us
Currently located in Lewisburg, West Virginia, Kelly's Persian Food has Persian and Middle Eastern cuisine, the variety of bakery, pickles, syrup, snacks, and food.
Please place your order on: 304-992-2488
Gluten-free foods(frozen) : Hummus(1- Tahini, 2- Smoked Paprika), Baba Ganoush, Falafel(VEGAN), Sweet potato cake (VEGAN Pâté)
Gluten-free cookies (walnut cookies, coconut cookies, and Almond cookies)
Persian pickles (Torshi)
Persian Dessert (Z-cookie, Baklava, Kolompeh)
Pita Bread: 1- plain, 2- w/turmeric topping
Persian vegetarian soups (Frozen) : 1- Barley Aash, 2- Nokhod-Aab
Persian chutney (Sugar-free & Gluten-free): 1- chili, 2- turmeric
Persian syrups : 1- Rose syrup, 2- Orange Blossom syrup, 3- Sekanjebin
Persian Sesame seed Spread (Halvardeh)