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Swift Level Fine Meats
Contact: Jennifer Jones
Address: 237 Herns Mill Road Lewisburg, WV, 24901
Phone: 304-661-6777
About Us
Swift Level holds 152 acres of rolling land abundant with native forages on a rich limestone seam. Located 3.5 miles west of Lewisburg, the farm was the 2014 District Conservation Farm of the Year. 2014 2nd Place WV Conservation Farm. Owned and operated by Tootie Jones, nominated to WV Women in Agriculture 2015. Swift Level Beef is all grass finished (no grain fed to cattle), Certified Greenbrier Valley Grown, and non certified organic. Tootie is G.A.P. Trained. (Good Agricultural Practices) Swift Level offers educational programs on sustainable farming, forage management and traditional meat practices, including butchery, charcuterie and marketing. It is a lovely historic farm available for private groups, farm to fork and historic period dinners and a variety of very creative events. We highly encourage all ages to visit the farm, animals, star gaze and enjoy cook outs in the pasture! Swift Level is a family operated farm run by myself and my two children.
Swift Level practices managed intensive grazing methods constantly striving towards soil, forage improvement, land use conservation and does NOT apply any "non organic" (chemical) matter to the land or water. 2014 Greenbrier Valley Conservation District Farm of the Year. 2014 2nd place WV Conservation Farm. Our beef is Certified Greenbrier Valley Grown, not fed any grains, additives, hormones. The steers diet consists of pasture grasses and hay, organic kelp and drink clean spring water. Swift Level Steers are allowed to grow and gain weight naturally and I select them for slaughter when I feel their carcass is mature and ready. They are taken to a small, family owned USDA facility in VA where the beef dry hangs for a minimum of 40 days, providing a wonderful, traditional aging process that speaks for itself with flavor. We strive to produce a 0 carbon footprint, to improve the environment and to maintain quality and consistency of a premium beef product.