Utopia Wellness
Contact: Courtney Tackett, Olivia Hairston
Address: 1109 Jefferson Road Unit B South Charleston, WV, 25309
Phone: 304-205-4002
About Us
Boho Spa Unconditional Healing Center is owned and operated by Courtney Tackett; BA, LE, CRP and Olivia Hairston; NHP, NA, Herbalist. BSU Healing center came into existence after Olivia and Courtney met at a local networking event and quickly realized that they shared the same vision. In February 2020 they merged their businesses and began working as one entity. Located in South Charleston, West Virginia, they focus on alternative, natural healing modalities. Courtney's specialties are Natural Skincare and Reiki Energy Healing. Olivia's specialties are Natural Health consultations, Diet Planning, and Herbal Remedies. They also have a boutique in the physical location where they offer handmade skincare and body care products, Bohemian clothing, handmade jewelry, artwork and handmade goods by local artisans, local CBD products, metaphysical supplies such as crystals, sage, palo santo, incense, Reiki candles and more.
Boho Spa Unconditional Healing Center is truly a unique experience. They are the only spa in the area that offers alternative healing modalities as well as handmade products. They offer skincare products, body care products, hair care products, herbal medicinals and candles that are all natural, plant based, and are made in house by Courtney and Olivia. BSU Healing Center is your one stop shop for all things natural.