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Hope's Harvest Farm LLC
Address: 2628 Pond Branch Rd Southside, WV, 25187
About Us
Hope’s Harvest Farm LLC was created in 2019 after the completion of our High Tunnel Construction and the beginning of my retirement from my 41 years of working off the farm
The farm of 57 acres near Southside in Mason County WV has been in our family 51 years and we have had continuous gardens here providing for our family and friends.
It is a mixture of flat farmland and hillside forest providing good vegetable production and also a bountiful opportunity for our small sugar bush operation for our Maple Syrup passion.

We produce vegetables from open gardening and our 30 by 96 foot High Tunnel.

We sell at Farmers Markets in Putnam Co and St Albans and other consignment locations

We invested in a Maple Sap Wood Fired Arch and Stainless Steel pan in 2020 which produces a beautiful rich flavored WV syrup
This Arch is fired with seasoned Wood which is harvested on the property.

We do not use a Reverse Osmosis system to concentrate the raw sap.

We Boil off naturally in the evaporator all excess water from the sap (40 gallon of sap to produce 1 gallon of syrup) which takes longer but is our preferred method

The farm also has an active apiary and our honeybees are always busy in season helping pollinate the fruit and vegetable crops on the farm
Our vegetable production is from open gardening and a 30 by 96 foot High Tunnel Greenhouse with my wife and I providing all of the labor on the farm including the Apiary and Maple Syrup operation
The Unheated High Tunnel has a drip irrigation system which also fertilizes as needed to conserve both water and fertilizers.

We use organic methods with OMRI Approved pesticides ONLY when necessary and use companion plantings for insect control as well as mechanical weed control on all vegetable production.

We feed our family the same produce we sell and use a high level of care on all production.
Farm management has completed WV Dept of Ag Food Safety and GAP Training as well as The Better Process Control training