Twin Beech Farm
Contact: Paul and Bobbi Loos
Address: 2435 Big Branch Road Alderson, WV, 24910
Phone: 304-445-7820
About Us
We moved to West Virginia in 1977, from Pennsylvania. We own a beautiful 43 acre farm in Greenbrier County and our farm borders Summers County. We were young when we arrived here and slowly rebuilt our house, our farm and we raised our three girls. Paul, who has a degree in Horticulture, worked as Builder/Contractor and I am a RN and worked for years in Home Health. We were gradually working our way into retirement when the Pandemic occurred and pushed us into retirement quickly. We have worked together for years and love having a shared project, so we decided to buy a high tunnel and grow vegetables and flowers. We are really excited to be part of West Virginia's growers providing farm fresh local produce to our community.
We grow organically, but we are not certified an organic farm.