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Laurelwood Farm
Contact: Ed Niswander
Address: 625 HOWARD WEIKLE RD UNION, WV, 24983-1104
Phone: 304-994-1329
About Us
Laurelwood Farm is nestled in the mountains of Union, WV. Our Mission is to provide wholesome, nutritious meat to our community while protecting and nurturing the part of the earth we steward. We strive very hard to provide an organic product to our customers but since we do not want to jump through the hoops of Government, we are a non-certified organic farm.
We offer Pasture-raised Cornish Rock cross chickens seasonally from May through October. Our chickens are raised from day old and are processed on the farm. Starting at two weeks of age, chickens are moved onto pasture and housed in chicken tractors that provide full access to a salad bar of grasses and insects while also protecting the chickens from predators. Every morning each pen is moved to allow for access to fresh forage and insects. Our chickens never receive any medications/antibiotics or growth stimulants/hormones and are fed a ration of organic feed. We humanely process and pack all of our chickens on the farm to ensure the highest of quality.