Vernal Vibe Rise
Contact: Quincy Gray McMichael
City: Renick, WV, 24966
Email Address:
Phone: 304-992-2922
About Us
Vernal Vibe Rise is a small, solo-female, permaculture farm in Renick, West Virginia. I raise heritage Dominique laying hens within my holistic, beyond-organic pasture rotation system. The mountain land I steward also supports the growth of a variety of edible perennial plants—vegetables, herbs, berries—as well as fruit and nut trees. As I dedicate my time and energy to provide the animals and plants that live on Vernal Vibe Rise with everything that they need, they, in turn, offer their best gifts to you.

Please peruse my website (, Instagram (@vernal_vibe_rise), and Facebook (Vernal Vibe Rise) so you can see firsthand the care that I take with the plants, animals, and land for which I am so privileged to care.
I use truly clean and natural animal husbandry methods, including intensive rotational grazing on organically-managed pasture, to raise critically-endangered heritage livestock. I sell delicious Ossabaw Island pork, Hog Island lamb, and eggs from Dominique hens, as well as organic perennial edibles, such as peaches, asparagus, herbs, and apples. I also offer numerous value-added products, including fermented vegetables and kombucha tea, as well as my Porcine Cream Moisturizer. I am able to assure my customers of the quality and purity of Vernal Vibe Rise products because the animals and plants that provide these goods have lived their whole lives on my farm, under gentle and constant care.

True perennial sustainability is my keen aim on Vernal Vibe Rise. The animals enjoy shade and sun, grass and water, and lots of regular attention. All supplemental feed for VVR's Dominique laying hens is not only GMO-free, but entirely organically grown, as are the pastures on which the livestock live. These commitments mean additional expense and time, but I certainly believe it is worth it to know that my animals are healthy and the land for which I care remains truly clean. I choose to avoid artificial chemicals on my land and in my home. I do not use chemical methods to keep the livestock free of parasites; instead, I offer them garlic, kelp, and food-grade diatomaceous earth. Any supplemental feed is carefully chosen with an eye for quality, locality, and true nutrition--and only certified organic grains are selected. Similarly, the perennial fruits and vegetables that grow at VVR are never treated with any artificial pesticides or chemicals. I work within the farm's permaculture system to produce rich compost and manure to nourish my pastures and gardens. Thus, the animals feed the plants just as the plants feed the animals.

On Vernal Vibe Rise, I can speak with assuredness about the quality of the products that I sell, as the animals and plants that have offered up these foods were planted, born, and raised here on my farm. I spend every day of my life working with these plants and animals, and what a blessing to do such work! Thank you for your interest in Vernal Vibe Rise, my ethics and methods, and for supporting my efforts by purchasing products via Turnrow Appalachian Farm Collective.

Please peruse my website (, Instagram (@vernal_vibe_rise), and Facebook (Vernal Vibe Rise) for more information.