Arbaugh Farms*
Address: 580 Old Asbury Road Asbury, WV, 24916
Phone: 304-573-3053
About Us
Arbaugh Farm is our families home place, originally purchased by my great-grandfather in 1925. Our overarching purpose is to conserve what was built by previous generations and maintain the land for future generations. Just about everything has been raised here over the years, but currently we focus on cattle, sorghum, and Non-GMO, open pollinated heirloom corn varieties.

In addition to the crops we raise, our farm houses a 20" stone burr mill where we grind cornmeal, grits, and buckwheat flour. We strive to produce the highest quality cornmeal, grits, and flours possible. Currently, we do not process any other types of grain/seed with our mill.

Please contact me should you have any questions.
I like to describe our farm as a micro producer. What this means is that we focus on producing select products in small quantities that allow us to focus on quality over quantity. We do not use herbicides to prepare the soil for planting because we are very wary of it. The whole over arching goal of our farm is to strive towards sustainability. This means the farm is productive but does not tax the land beyond its capability.

With the mill, we strive to produce the highest quality meal and flour possible. This means we are growing the highest quality crops possible and building relationships with producers who share our philosophy