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Wild Unicorn Farmstead
Contact: Emily & Adam Cate
Address: 879 Night Hawk Ln Hillsboro, WV, 24946
Phone: 712-253-4345
About Us
Wild Unicorn Farmstead is an off-grid small farm & micro-bakery based in Pocahontas County. We are committed to growing & baking high quality, (non-certified) organic food for our community.

At WUF we believe food is the background to our lives and helps knit together our stories. At WUF we make that food. We grow on roughly a half-acre sized garden, with sustainable growing practices.

We produce annual vegetables, herbs, & flowers, cultivate shiitake mushrooms, and bake organic sourdough bread.

Our farmstead is entirely off-grid with a small array of solar panels. We plan to build up our solar system and act as an example for folks interested in utilizing renewable energy in our area.
We farm with the intention to grow healthy soil, that in turn will grow healthy vegetables. We utilize sustainable practices including crop rotation, companion planting, growing cover crops, using compost, and minimizing outside inputs as much as possible. For our mushroom cultivation, we produce forest-grown shiitake mushrooms on logs and force fruit them as needed. We prioritize varieties that produce well in our climate.

We bake wild-yeasted, sourdough bread using only organic flour (regional when available), with various mix-ins that are organic, when possible. We strive to limit our use of single-use plastics in both production and delivery of our bread.