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Daniels' Maple Syrup*
Contact: Brandon and Janelle Daniels
Address: 1747 Morris Branch Road Dawson, WV, 25976
Phone: 304-575-7266
About Us
Daniels Maple Products and Daniels Maple Syrup are locally owned family businesses owned by Brandon & Janelle Daniels. Brandon started making syrup in his early teens and God has blessed him to be able to continue the tradition for over 25 years. We are also assisted in our operation by both our children Braden & Brooke who are learning more each year to be able to continue the tradition of producing only the finest maple syrup available. We also have other helpers that include Roger Heaster, Clarence Daniels, Kenson Hansard, Dave Daniels and Drew Daniels. We are blessed to be able to tap trees on 4 properties and we have 1,000 taps on CDL 3/16" natural flow vacuum.

Maple syrup is very labor intensive and it takes approximately 50 gallons of pure maple sap to make one gallon of maple syrup. Nothing is added to the sap, it is just boiled away leaving 1 gallon of pure WV Maple syrup that contains many natural vitamins and minerals. Our syrup is organically produced and is all natural and pure maple syrup is over 99% natural sucrose and has a low glycemic index. This allows it to also be enjoyed by diabetics in smaller quantities.