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Sugar Bottom Farm
Address: 2067 Red Bud Rd Ovapa, WV, 25164
Phone: 304-565-9410
Website: SBFhoney
About Us
Sugar Bottom Farm is a Disabled Veteran, First Generation, Family Farm. Firstly, we are a one stop shop for all things Honey bees. We sell Nucs, Packages, and Queens in Season and Honey all year. We provide free training in both lecture and hands on at our farm. Secondly, we’re a small commercial vegetable farm. We basically grow a salad bar to include watermelon. Our primary customer has been through the UDSA’s Farm to School program.
Sustainably is our focus. By using good Honey bee management strategies and having stronger hives with the focus of prevention of pest and disease rather than treating pest and disease. We practice Organic methodology and use beneficial insects for pest control and fermented sugar water for weed control, Try It!!