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Blue Ray Ranch
Contact: Donna Panucci
Address: 5750 Willow Bend Road Union, WV, 24983
Phone: 304-545-1104
About Us
Blue Ray Ranch is a unique 100 acre holistically-managed farm in beautiful Monroe County, WV. Upon a visit to our farm, you enjoy a gobble greeting from our Royal Palm turkeys while our happy herd of goats welcome you with a baa! Gazing upon the rolling hills, you see a joyful flock of heritage chickens roaming freely across 10 acres of open land. You might catch a glimpse of a few of our chickens hanging out with our calming herd of equine therapy horses and donkeys. Upon the rolling karst, the land above is spotted with our grass-finished herd of Murray Grey and Black Angus cattle. When night falls, our chickens head back to their roomy mobile coop. We move the coop regularly throughout the pasture which helps to fertilize the land.

Our happy chickens are raised free-ranging on organically managed pastures. We use non-certified organic practices with no insecticides, hormones or herbicides. Limestone well water is enjoyed by all of our animals. Our birds our supplemented with a non-GMO, local grain consisting of corn, soy, fish meal, kelp and Fertrell Nutribalancer daily. Our healthy, nutritiously fed chickens produce exceptional eggs with rich orange yolks.

We are a mother/son operation that takes great pride in the way that we nurture and provide for our animals. Our herd of cattle includes three generations of Murray Gray and Black Angus cattle. All of our calves are born peacefully on the farm, and raised together surrounded by their mothers, siblings, and grandmothers. Our herd is raised 100 percent naturally with no added hormones, steroids, and antibiotics. The herd's diet consists of pasture grasses and hay, organic kelp and limestone rich water from our deep wells. Our steer live happily on our lush pastures, are never fed grain and are 100% grass-finished. Our beef is processed by a small, family-owned facility with WVDA inspection and stored in a commercial freezer for preservation of flavor and quality.