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Grounded: Earth's Kitchen & Teas
Contact: Stephanie Lanham
Address: 91 Olde Main Plaza Saint Albans, WV, 25177
Phone: 304-356-6617
About Us
Grounded: Earth’s Kitchen and Tea are organically-sourced herbal and tea blends handcrafted by Certified Nutrition Specialist and Herbalist Stephanie Lanham. Stephanie is a West Virginia native inspired by her love of nature and holistic healing to create tea blends for pleasure and therapeutic purposes, helping her community reconnect back to nature through a warm cup of tea.

Grounded started as a side project under Stephanie’s holistic nutrition coaching company, Rediscover Health, but bloomed within her community to become its own separate business. She prefers partnering with local companies and entrepreneurs in the mission to health resources for her community.
All of the herbs used within Grounded Teas are certified organic, sourced from country of origin with Certified Fair Trade practices. Quality and safety are important attributes to Grounded products. Fair trade promotes environmental and income sustainability for the farmers while allowing them to practice safe working conditions and community development. All teas are made fresh for the market each week to provide the freshest cup of tea to each of the customers.