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Milligan Creek Farms
Contact: Joanna & Scott Kiddle
Address: 183 Milligan Creek Lane Lewisburg, WV, 24901
Phone: 304-904-0552
About Us
Milligan Creek Farms is a family operation from every perspective. We are a husband-wife team and manage a 100+ head mommy-daddy-baby cattle farm, where the steers grow up surrounded by their sibings and parents on the land on which they were born. Nature's way.
At Milligan Creek Farms, our beef animals are born on the farm and raised on grass and hay to their ideal beef weight, typically two years of age. By managing our purebred Angus and Scottish Highland cows and bulls, we can provide 100% Angus, 100% Highland, or our popular High-Angus (cross) beef. With their long horns and long coats of red, black, and dun, the Highland offer more than striking good looks, yielding a lean beef and a large ribeye steak. Angus are known nationally to produce quality beef, and less well known for their inquisitive nature and fondness for a good rub on the head.
Located in the scenic Richlands area just west of Lewisburg, WV, we offer natural, grass-fed lean beef by the cut straight from the farm. Always free of added growth hormones, steroids, unnecessary antibiotics and animal-by-product feeds, our beef is processed with USDA-approvals and aged for three weeks.
Milligan Creek Farms raises natural, grass-fed and grass-finished beef free from added growth hormones, steroids, unnecessary antibiotics, pesticides or herbicides, and animal-by-product or GMO feeds, using sustainable farming practices with a positive impact on the environment. Since our beef animals are born right on our farm, we have control of their exposure to these unwanted elements from birth through slaughter -- a practice not common among producers who sell beef!
Mingling with the animals gives the impression that life on pasture creates a contented cow, and at Milligan Creek Farms we believe life on our pasture leads to a truly low-stress, happy bovine!