Byrnside Branch Farm
Contact: Dirk McCormick
Address: 170 Byrnside Branch Road Union, WV, 24983
Email Address:
Phone: 304-667-3699
About Us
Our family farm was purchased in March 1982. During that time the farm was a full operational dairy farm. The name was Dima Ja Diary, named after our registered cattle. Dima Ja Diary ran for almost 18 years before it switched over to agritourism. When the diary operation ceased and cattle left we changed the farm name to Byrnside Branch Farm because of the branch that runs through it. We began growing pumpkins, gourds, potatoes and started the corn maze. Then approximentelly five years ago we began growing vegetables in extended season high tunnels. Along with growing vegetables and doing the corn maze. We also farm a small beef cattle herd. Over the years our farm has also raised pigs, cattle, horses, lambs, and rabbits.
Our vegetables in the extended season high tunnels are all hand planted. We are not certified organic growers however we use many organic practices on our farm. We do not use any petroleum based fertilizers on our vegetables, only compost is used. Our corn maze is all hand cut. We use everything that is removed during cutting either to feed our cattle or bundled and sold as fodder.