Laurel Creek Farm
Contact: Tim and Carrie Hancock
Address: 308 Jackson Road Wolf Creek, WV, 24993
Email Address:
Phone: 304-621-2064
About Us
Laurel Creek Farm is a family owned and operated farm in the beautiful Wolf Creek area of Monroe County. Our son is now the 5th generation to grow up on the farm, and we hope to conserve this land for generations to come. We are committed to growing healthy foods that we can feel good about feeding our family as well as sharing with the public. That is why we do our best to prevent disease and pest problems using cultural practice, and only use OMRI certified products when necessary. We grow a variety of vegetables, fruits and culinary herbs in the fertile sandy soils our valley is known for. Our newly constructed high tunnel now allows us to extend the growing season to offer fresh produce year round.
Laurel Creek Farm is not certified organic, however, we are committed to safe and natural growing practices. We do not use any conventional fertilizers. Instead we use a combination of compost and natural soil amendments. We use a variety of natural disease and pest management strategies such as pruning, trellising, drip irrigation, crop rotation and row covers to exclude pests. We try to avoid pest and disease problems when we can, but when necessary, we use only OMRI certified products such as Bt and Diatomaceous earth. We also work to conserve land and water quality. We are proud to grow quality food that is safe for our family and yours.