Archer Acres
Contact: Johnny Archer
Address: 405 Sierra View Rd. Talcott, WV, 24981
Email Address:
Phone: 304-237-2418
About Us
We are a small family farm located in Summers County, WV. 2020 is our first year of farming besides a family garden plot and some chickens. We currently have a small orchard up on our corner of the mountain, that consists of apple, pear, peach, cherry and plum trees. We also raise laying hens for egg production and pigs. We manage a 1 acre plot at our farm for vegetable and flower production, as well as a high tunnel at a neighboring farm.
We employ common sense farming practices and utilize many of the same organic and natural methods as our neighbor, Sprouting Farms. Many of the growing and propagation techniques have been passed down through generations here in Appalachia.