Valley Springs Farm
Contact: Bob Joyce
Address: 4834 Sweet Springs Valley Gap Mills, WV, 24941
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Phone: 304-772-3099
About Us
Valley Springs Farm is located in the Sweet Springs Valley of Monroe County, Gap Mills, WV. We have enjoyed raising livestock & poultry for more than 30 years. We would like to make available to you some of the rewards of our labors with our small farm raised meats.

Most of our cattle and hogs are born and raised here on our farm, with the exception being some of the breeding stock. This means less stress to the animals and allows us to provide for their needs from the start.

Berkshire, Hereford, and Large Black are among some of the Heritage Hogs that we raise. These breeds are not often used in commercial factory farms but are well suited for the small family farm set up. They adapt well to our methods of farming. They are known for their meat quality and rich flavor due to the marbling in the meat. This makes them the “Chef’s Choice” in some restaurants.

Our farming practices are not much different from that of our parents, in that the livestock are free to roam in the pastures and not confined to feed lots. We can see that it makes a difference to the animals and we hope that it makes a difference to you.

We appreciate your business and welcome your comments.
Absolutely NO GMO's, NO Growth Hormones, NO Medicated or Commercial Feeds.

We grind and mix our own on-farm grown grain feeds. We absolutely DO NOT use Genetically Engineered grains in our livestock feeds, nor do we grow/feed GE alfalfa hay.

We utilize a regimen of probiotics, organic alfalfa meal, organic kelp, and organic minerals in our feed to bolster the natural health of our livestock. This nutritional value is good for the animals and great for you.