The Natural House
Contact: Sigrid House
Address: 113 Chestnut Flats Road Lewisburg, WV, 24901
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Phone: 304-497-2793
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Our blog will give you recipes and ideas on how to live a more natural lifestyle. We make it simple so anyone can do it.

We grow our garden in a large fenced in area to protect production. We water using the drip method and followed fertilizing recommendations from West Virginia University soil testing lab. We do not use any conventional herbicides or pesticides on any of our flowers, herbs or vegetables. We believe that keeping the soil healthy, doing crop rotation, attracting beneficial insects and companion planting will significantly reduce the problems that are encountered in many conventional gardening practices.

Our cooking lard is sourced from our Mangalitsa pigs. The belly fat is rendered into two different kinds of lard; baking and cooking. The premium lard is used for making our soaps and body cream. The cooking lard provides a tasty cooking oil alternative and makes for some delicious cuisine. dPlease note that cooking lard should not be used for do it yourself soap or beauty products.