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Address: 113 Chestnut Flats Road Lewisburg, WV, 24901
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Phone: 304-497-2793
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We own a 21 acre farm on Chestnut Flats Road between Maxwelton and Frankford. Many things are happening on our farm this year. We are in process of building a new growing area for our botanicals and herbs. Botanicals and herbs such as Calendula will be grown, harvested, dried at our farm and then incorporated into our personal care products as either a diffused oil or in dried form. We do our best to use USDA organic certified ingredients for all the other ingredients needed. Most of our ingredients are purchased from Mountain Rose Herbs, a company located in Oregon who produces high quality, sustainable and fair trade organic herbs, botanicals and much more. Mountain Rose is an American grower so you can be confident that the ingredients I use in my products are originated within the USA.

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We are in process of completing the Gardner's Workshop at High Rocks Grow Appalachia in Hillsboro, WV. This course has helped us tremendously as we enter the 2019 planting season. This year we are fencing in a manor that better protects our production, watering using the drip method, following fertilizing recommendations from West Virginia University soil testing lab and planting cover crops over winter. We will not be using any conventional herbicides or pesticides on any of our flowers, herbs or vegetables. We believe that keeping the soil healthy, doing crop rotation, attracting beneficial insects and companion planting will significantly reduce the problems that are encountered in many conventional gardening practices.