Sustenance Farm
Contact: Thomas Polen
Address: PO Box 123 7400 Blue Lick Rd Lindside, WV, 24951
Email Address:
Phone: 304-753-9395
About Us
Located on Blue Lick Rd in the the most southern end of Hanscreek Valley. Mainly woods but pasture land in the valley. The farm has not been used for any farming in over fifty years. The garden is on a slope facing southwest. This my third year growing vegetables in an organic fashion.
I utilize raised beds that contain organic peat moss, compost, and soil. The planting rows have cow compost tilled into the natural clay. The rows are covered with black plastic mulch to prevent weeds and increase the soil temperature. I use a mixture of organic fertilizers, natural minerals, and micro-nutrients with each planting. Plants are fertilized on a regular basis with different organic fertilizers. Only organic pesticides are used.