Old Otter Holler Farm
Contact: Thomas and Kathie Key
Address: 404 Walnut Lane Pence Springs, WV, 24962
Email Address:
Phone: 304-466-1953
About Us
Established in 2001, Old Otter Holler Farm (OOHF) is a non-certified organic diversified family farm consisting of a passive solar-heated greenhouse, fruit orchard, market garden, raised beds, apiary, and livestock. Thomas and Kathie Key follow organic farming practices and do not use synthetic fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, or pesticides. In addition to providing local product to the community, the farm also hosts agritourism events such as Apple Cider Pressing, Farm Tours, Musical Events, Seed Swaps, and a variety of forums and educational workshops.
OOHF uses organic farming practices such as cover cropping, composting, companion planting, farmscaping, and crop rotations with no herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, or synthetic fertilizers.