Elmcrest Farm
Contact: Lacy Davidson & Park Ferguson
Address: PO Box 714 Wayne, WV, 25570
Email Address:
Phone: 304-546-7930
About Us
Elmcrest Farm is an old farm, but a new business. Co-owned and operated by Park Ferguson and Lacy Davidson, Elmcrest Farm prides itself on quality. Located in Wayne County, Elmcrest Farm produces pastured poultry (whole and pieced), free-range eggs, and chicken bone broth. We raise black angus cattle on pasture, and grow a market garden in the summer, with greenhouse production for season extension. Our featured products are log-grown shiitake mushrooms, and value added Herb Salts - Salt of the Earth - small batch, hand blended season salts featuring a variety of herbs, garlic, mushrooms, and peppers we raise throughout the year.
Our practices are what we would consider beyond organic by many standards. We started farming as a means to raise the best quality food, raised without the use of harsh pesticides and herbicides, we could find, and started selling when we could no longer keep it to ourselves. We strive for practices that give back to the earth as much or more than we take, and ensure our soil microbes, plants and animals have lives just as happy and productive as our own.