Deep Mountain Farm
Contact: Christine & Chris Jackson
Address: 3841 Beckwith Rd Fayetteville, WV, 25840
Email Address:
Phone: 304-553-3785
About Us
Deep Mountain Farm's mission is to provide its community with locally produced, clean food with a focus on regenerative and organic practices. As stewards of the land, the farm prioritizes a healthy soil ecology and coexisting with nature. The farm is a 42-acre farm in the iconic New River Gorge that was once a family farm dating back to the 1800s before the inception of West Virginia. It's operated by two native West Virginians.
Deep Mountain Farm is committed to raising animals humanely on grass where they should be. We use no added hormones or antibiotics. We do not feed any concentrates or grain to any of our cows and our beef is 100% grass fed/finished. We are moving our hair sheep flock to wool, and they live on grass full time and are supplemented with various concentrates, including kelp and sulfur, to ensure their wool is of the finest quality. The lambs we raise for meat are finished 100% on grass before processing. Our meat chickens spend their lives free-ranging - never in pens or tractors - and are guarding 24/7 by our livestock dogs and are supplemented with grain. We also grow organic produce, garlic and both culinary and medicinal herbs.