Arbaugh Farm
Contact: Julian Arbaugh
Address: 580 Old Asbury Road Asbury, WV, 24916
Email Address:
Phone: 304-645-6216
About Us
Arbaugh Farm is our families home place, originally purchased by my great-grandfather in 1923. Our overarching purpose is to conserve what was built by previous generations and maintain the land for future generations. Just about everything has been raised here over the years, but currently we focus on cattle, sorghum, and corn (sweet, dent, and heirloom varieties). We are always on the look out to develop new agricultural offerings.
With our cattle, we maintain small herds so we can utilize rotational grazing, which divides our pasture into smaller grazing areas. Rotational grazing allows us to keep our cows in high grass so they have plenty to eat. This also gives the land an opportunity to regrow grass that has been eaten down. In short, the cows are happier because they have plenty to eat and the land healthier because it isn't over grazed.

Our sorghum is grown exclusively for the production of sorghum syrup or molasses. Sorghum molasses is milder and sweeter than its blackstrap cousin. We grow the sorghum and boil it down right here on the farm.

We grow a couple different types of corn here on the farm. We grow the traditional sweet corn that is indicative of summer. However, we've branched out to offer other varieties. We grow an heirloom variety of dent corn called Bloody Butcher. This corn on the cob is ruby red in color and when ground is chestnut in color. We also have been known to grind meal and intend to do so this year. New developments will allow us to produce grits along with the meal.