Redwing Soup
Contact: Luke and Keveney Bair
Address: 519 Redwing Lane Sinks Grove, WV, 24976
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About Us
We are located in Monroe County WV. We source local products from the Greenbrier Valley to make the highest quality soups for you. We have been making and delivering fresh soups, salads and breads to Lewisburg, WV since 2015. Each week we slow simmer our own stocks, use grass fed meats and vegetables from small farms to create a wide variety of tasty soups and stews that only need to be thawed and heated. Learn more about us on our website. We are excited to provide a taste of our kitchen to Turnrow customers.
We source as many products locally as we can. A large portion of the money we spend on ingredients goes directly back to family farms that grow our food.