Sunset Berry Farm
Contact: Kent Gilkerson
Address: 791 Sunset School Road Alderson, , 24910
Email Address:
Phone: 304-646-3784
About Us
Sunset Berry Farm was established in 2010 and is located atop beautiful Flat Mountain in Alderson, West Virginia. Kent is a third generation strawberry producer from Fayette County, West Virginia. We specialize in strawberry production, but we also grow sweet corn, watermelon & more, utilizing 5 acres and 4 high tunnels. In addition to being available through Monroe Farm Market, our strawberry patch is also open for "U Pick" mid May-mid June. We are proud to say our strawberries are the official sweetest strawberry in West Virginia, a title won at the 2017 state strawberry festival in Buchannon.
Sunset Berry Farm uses plastic mulch to control weeds and conserve water. Crop rotation and manual plant sanitation is used to control disease. Beneficial predatory insects are released to control pests. Winter cover crops and compost are used to maintain soil health. While our goal is to avoid the use of chemical applications most of the time, there are situations when it is necessary for crop health to avoid total loss.