Mandy's Country Flowers
Contact: Mandy Hancock
Address: PO Box 199 Union, Wv, 24983
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Phone: 434-996-5046
About Us
We are a new, 2017 start-up, growing an eclectic mix of common flowers, unusual flowers, old fashioned flowers, and wild flower types.Culture is not assured to be organic but I follow sustainable practices mindful of the health of my soil and our ecosystem. Please be aware that none of these flowers are intended for consumption. Some may be mildly toxic (daffodils for example) and others such as foxgloves significantly so. Even where you recognize something ordinarily foodlike (mint, maybe) it should not be considered edible. I use commercial floral food/preservatives similar to the small packets of flower food you may have received with supermarket flowers. I aim to give you at least a week of vase life except where noted in the product description. I welcome feedback about how these flowers perform for you as well as about what you especially liked or not so much at